Cyclist killed had warned of close calls in days before his death

In a heartbreaking twist, a cyclist killed on the Sunshine Coast had warned of close calls in the days before his death.

Cameron Frewer wrote that police had ignored his complaints about dangerous drivers coming too close to cyclists.

His wife has vowed to continue his safety campaign.

Cyclist Cameron Frewer, pictured on right with his wife Catherine, died on Monday after being struck by a car. Source: 7 News

“The first thing you want to do is just curl into a ball,” Catherine Frewer said of being told her husband had been killed on the road.

“You’re just in total shock.”

Cameron Frewer was an advocate for cyclist safety, finding a following on social media after posting footage of numerous near-misses.

The father-of-three was hit and killed while riding his bike early on Monday morning.

The father-of-three was hit and killed while riding his bike early on Monday morning on the Sunshine Coast. Source: 7 News

“He was convinced that it is going to happen one day, that he will get hit,” Catherine said.

“He was dismayed at the way his complaints had been treated,” Bicycle Queensland’s Anne Savage added.

In an ominous letter sent days before his death, he wrote: “There is little doubt I am now being ignored as a pest,” accusing police of an “anti-cyclist prejudice.”

Police are still investigating the crash while his widow continues to fight for safer roads.

“His time was up, but that’s what he was put on this earth for, to make a difference,” Catherine Frewer said.

Not long before he died, Cameron Frewer sent police a letter warning them about dangerous drivers. Source: 7 News