Cyclist fighting for his life after freak accident with kangaroo

A South Australia cyclist is fighting for his life in hospital after a freak accident involving a kangaroo.

The 52-year-old Seaton resident was on a popular Adelaide Hills ride on Sunday morning when the roo leapt out in front of him from nearby bushes.

The impact threw the man from his bike, splitting the two-wheeled vehicle in half in the process.

He had been riding downhill along Norton Summit Road when the animal suddenly appeared.

The front wheel of the man’s bicycle was completely ripped off. Source: 7News

Fellow cyclists said there was little that could be done when wildlife enters the path of oncoming traffic.

“You’ve got to take care in anything you do but some things you just have no control over,” one cyclist said.

While one cyclist told News Corp the 52-year-old may have been travelling at speeds of 60km/h, another told 7News they remain vigilant on the road.

The man was flung from his bike before being rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition. Source: 7News

“We don’t fly down the hill we ride down the hill, very safe, we try to be as safe as we can,” he said.

The man was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital where he remains in a critical condition with multiple fractures.

Another rider who came across the accident said on social media the victim “looked in a bad way … but that’s the risk we cyclists take”.

“The kangaroos are there we know – we just hope that it never happens to one of us,” another cyclist said.

It’s not the first incident of it’s kind in South Australia.

Last year, a group of cyclists filmed a close encounter with a roo at Humbug Scrub.

And in 2015, a man died after being knocked off his bike at Victor Harbor.