Vicious road rage fight breaks out between furious cyclist and driver

A vicious fight between a cyclist and a driver has been captured and shared on Instagram.

The video was filmed at some time during the day at an intersection in Queen Street in Brisbane CBD, and shows a car and a cyclist who appear to be be stopped at a red light, waiting for it to go green.

At the start of the video - which provides no details about what lead to the brawl - you can see the cyclist being held up against the car by the driver, who remains in their car.

When the driver lets go of the cyclist, the two engage in a fist fight, with the driver managing to get several hits to the cyclists face.

Although the lycra-clad cyclist managed to get in a few hits too, he later picks up his bike off the ground and attempts to hit the driver with the bicycle.

A brawl has broken out between a cyclist and driver while waiting at a red light. Source: Instagram.

The driver grabs on to one of the wheels, presumably to prevent the cyclist from damaging the car.

The cyclist then yanks the bike out of the driver’s grip.

The person who shared the video posted a comment with it saying: “Hahah wahhh.. Classic car vs cyclist battle”.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Queensland Police about the incident, but a spokesman said that it had not been reported to police.

Earlier this year, dashcam footage showed two motorists brawling on the road in Queensland.

The clip cut out just as a bystander approached the two men who made their way to nature strip.

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