Customs dog makes shocking discovery in luggage

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE. A sniffer dog has made a gruesome discovery in luggage at an international airport.

Hardy, a six-year-old beagle working with US Customs and Border Protection, alerted his handler to a strange item inside checked luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, US.

Inside the baggage, was a roasted pig’s head. The animal’s head was covered in crispy, toasted skin and wrapped in foil.

The pig had a full set of teeth and it’s face was set in an eerie grin.

The head weighed almost one kilogram and belonged to a traveller from Ecuador, reported local outlet the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Hardy the beagle eyes off the pig’s head (pictured). Source: US Customs and Border Protection

The agency seized the pig’s head, saying that pork products are prohibited from entering the US due to disease control concerns the outlet reported.

The courageous canine has been working with customs since 2015, as part of the ‘Beagle Brigade’ reported local outlet Fox 23 News.

Hardy (pictured) is part of the US Customs and Border Protection ‘Beagle Brigade’. Source: US Customs and Border Protection