Customers spot disturbing detail on restaurant ceiling

Ash Cant
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A chain restaurant was forced to apologise after a disturbing piece of decor was spotted hanging from the ceiling.

Cracker Barrel is an American southern themed restaurant and gift shop which has hundreds of stores across the US.

Tamra Hawkins shared a video to her Facebook when she visited the East Windsor Cracker Barrel in Connecticut after she saw posts online saying there was a noose hanging from the ceiling.

Ms Hawkins did get a shot of the apparent noose in her video. She didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out to her in the comments, although she frequently visits the restaurant, CNN reported.

A noose was spotted hanging from a Cracker Barrel restaurant in the US, prompting the company to remove it and apologise. Source: Facebook
A noose was spotted hanging from a Cracker Barrel restaurant in the US, prompting the company to remove it and apologise. Source: Facebook

A noose is widely considered to be a symbol of hate in the US, due to its associated with the hate group, the Ku Klux Klan.

“The hangman's noose has come to be one of the most powerful visual symbols directed against African-Americans, comparable in the emotions that it evokes to that of the swastika for Jews,” anti-hate organisation ADL says.

“Its origins are connected to the history of lynching in America, particularly in the South after the Civil War, when violence or threat of violence replaced slavery as one of the main forms of social control that whites used on African-Americans.”

Several people were outraged over the “decor” at the restaurant and wanted an explanation.

“Someone at Cracker Barrel in East Windsor need to explain why there are nooses on the ceiling...” Alfonso Robinson said on Twitter, sharing photos of the noose.

Cracker Barrel did respond to Mr Robinson on Twitter, saying the display was an “error”.

“We’re sorry this happened,” Cracker Barrel said on Twitter.

“This antique electric soldering iron has an original wrapped cord that should not have been displayed. We have removed the item from our East Windsor store.

“Many thanks to the guest who notified us of this so that we could correct our error.”

Another person responded to Cracker Barrel’s apology saying it wasn’t enough, and that there should be a review of all locations to ensure there weren’t more hanging for the ceiling.

Cracker Barrel did respond to CNN’s request for comment and said it was “grateful” guests pointed out the noose.

"We work hard to create a culture of hospitality that's welcoming, respectful and inclusive to everyone who walks through our doors," the company said according to CNN.

Cracker Barrel said the noose was removed from the store in Connecticut and teams across the US are working to determine if another is on display.

However, not everyone was satisfied with the response the company provided.

Ms Hawkin appeared on NBC News on Thursday, following the company issuing the apology and said she did not accept it.

“I feel like they made an excuse, instead of acknowledging that it was a noose and it was placed in the store with a lapse in judgment,” she said.

She vowed on Facebook to never eat at Cracker Barrel again.

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