Customers outraged at Christmas decorations appearing in shopping centres already

With the festive season fast approaching, debate has flared once again over when is too soon to start breaking out the Christmas decorations.

Shopping malls seem to be blazing the trail, with a photo shared to Reddit showing workers in Sydney preparing to install a Christmas tree display inside Macquarie Centre, in the city’s north.

Dangling fairy lights and baubles were shown having already been erected on the ceiling in the shopping mall, sparking heated comments to the post shared on Sunday.

Some thought it boarded on insensitive to begin decorating 10 weeks out from the main event, while others argued the sooner they were displayed, the better.

“Couldn't they at least wait until November? Really ruins the whole Christmas charm when you're advertising over two months in advance,” one outraged Reddit user wrote.

Workers inside Macquarie Centre in Sydney wheeling a Christmas Tree to erect it 10 weeks before Christmas day.
This photo inside Macquarie Centre created a stir on Reddit. Source: Reddit/thede3jay

“Come on, at least let halloween have its go first,” another urged.

Several more agreed with their outrage, one writing: “I'm all for Christmas season lasting as long as possible, but this is ridiculous. Halloween ain't even happened yet.”

Others commented dobbing in other outlets guilty of getting the Christmas ball rolling with 65 days to go.

“Is there some universal signal? North Rocks Shopping centre was setting up too,” someone wrote.

“Myer at Parramatta has basically the entire bottom floor as Christmas stuff, has been for at least a few weeks as well,” another said.

Christmas decorations shown as shoppers debate over displays appearing in Sydney shopping centres.
Shoppers had mixed feelings over when Christmas decorations should appear in shops. Source: File/AAP

Some celebrated the arrival of festive decorations because it meant it wouldn’t be long before Easter goodies began appearing on shelves.

“You know what that means, a month or two away from hot cross buns in Woolies,” one wrote, with another adding the same could be said for “mini eggs”.

Another noted how for the first time this year, Coles had opted to sell fruit buns year-round.

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