Customer vents over 'absolutely disgraceful' Woolworths formula rort

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An Adelaide man has shared his outrage on Facebook after he claims to have watched on as shoppers filled several trolleys with baby formula, and hid the stash under blankets, out the front of the supermarket’s store.

The man said he witnessed three customers in the Gilles Plains Shopping Centre running in and out of the supermarket purchasing two tins of baby formula in each transaction, only to “repeat” the process collecting “over 100 cans of formula”.

Trolleys filled with baby formula can be seen outside of a Woolworths store.
The man witnessed customers in the Adelaide Woolworths purchasing two tins of baby formula and repeating the transaction. Source: Facebook

Woolworths has previously told Yahoo News Australia that it has introduced a policy limiting the purchase of baby formula to two tins per customer, per shop, but there are multiple reports of shoppers stockpiling the products using the brazen tactic.

Despite shoppers expressing their frustrations on a regular basis, the supermarket giant seems resigned to the fact that customers will exploit their policy and does little to prevent it.

In the latest reported incident, the Adelaide man described the scene as an “absolute disgrace” after he approached Woolworths staff about the incident, only to be told there was nothing they could do.

“I raised it with multiple staff (managers included) all laughed at it and said there is nothing we can do!” he claimed in the post, alongside multiple photos of the trolleys lined up out the front of the store filled with formula.

The Woolworths store seen from the front carpark.
The Adelaide shopping centre where a man witnessed Woolworth's 'two tins per customer' baby formula policy ignored. Source: Gilles Plains Shopping Centre/Facebook

The lucrative trade of reselling Australian made baby formula has often seen customers who need to feed children baby formula empty handed and confused as to why the two tin policy is so often ignored by staff in store.

“We have a two tin transaction limit on baby formula in place and our store teams work hard to ensure customers have access to stock when they need it,” a Woolworths spokesperson previously told Yahoo News.

Customers with trolleys full of baby formula at an Adelaide Woolworths store.
Woolworths staff reportedly told the man 'there is nothing we can do!' about customers flaunting the 'two tin' policy. Source: Facebook

One parent commented on the Facebook post saying “it’s actually horrible” and they were regularly left searching for formula for their daughter “week after week”.

Another person described it as “disgusting and so wrong”.

“We encourage any parents who find their chosen baby formula is unavailable on the shelves to speak with store management, so we can help get them stock as quickly as possible,” Woolworths told Yahoo.

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