Cub sends police on two-hour wild bear chase through suburban LA

Mel Buttigieg

When you go into LA today you’re sure of a big surprise.

It wasn’t exactly a teddy bear’s picnic, but a young bear wandering a suburban neighbourhood.

A two-year-old bear sent police on a chase through suburban LA. Source: YouTube

Footage captures part of the two-hour wild bear chase as police try to round up the animal as it runs through yards, scales walls and fences, and crosses roads about 9.15pm Monday night.

The two-year-old animal was first spotted at the Los Angeles Mission College campus in Sylmar, according to CBS Los Angeles.

An animal control finally shot the 57 kilogram female cub with a tranquilizer, causing it to pass out 15 minutes later in a neighbour’s front yard.

The bear scaled fences and ran through neighbourhood yards before being tranquilized. Source: YouTube

Animal control and police officers safely loaded the animal onto a pickup truck and returned it back to the Angeles National Forest, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

The CDFW reported the cub was in good health, and transported back to forestlands and released after recovering from the tranquilizer drugs.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife released the young bear safely back into the wild. Picture: Facebook/California Department of Fish and Wildlife

“She has an ear tag and will hopefully remain out of urban areas,” the department said in a statement on Facebook accompanying a video of the bear safely returned to its habitat.

“Thank you to all the other agencies that helped with this successful event,” a CDFW spokesperson wrote.

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