CSG moratorium secures three-way support

A bill that would pause coal seam gas mining across NSW is set to clear the upper house thanks to a three-way pledge by the Greens, Labor and Christian Democratic Party.

Legislation introduced by Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham earlier this year that would ban CSG activity in NSW will be amended on Thursday to enable a five-year moratorium and establish permanent no-go zones in areas, including in the northern rivers region and the Pilliga.

The watered-down bill is expected to clear the Legislative Council before passing to the government-held lower house where Reverend Nile says he hopes it will "call their bluff".

Speaking in the parliament on Thursday, Labor MP Adam Searle said the environmental, scientific and regulatory design work recommended by the NSW chief scientist last year needed to be completed before the government could take any further steps on CSG.

"Until there is a scientific consensus that CSG mining will not damage aquifers and groundwater systems, we need to hit the pause button," Mr Searle said.

"Any benefits the CSG industry may potentially offer cannot be delivered at the expense of our age-old aquifers and prime agricultural land ...

"Until a watertight regulatory framework is in place ... we should not be allowing CSG mining to proceed.

"The risks to our most important natural resources are just too high."