'I have a crush on my best friend': Woman's confession letter on plane sick bag

A woman who booked a last-minute plane ticket to tell her best friend she has a “huge crush” on him has written a letter about her impending impulsive confession on an air sickness bag.

Her note was discovered in a seat back pocket by a woman cleaning the plane last year and was shared on Reddit by u/ho_riene a couple of days ago.

Where ever you are, I hope it went well for you,” the Reddit user wrote. 

The letter begins: “If you’re reading this, hello… My name is Andrea and I am incredibly bored. Right now this flight is going from Miami to DC. I’m 21.”

Andrea explains that she bought a ticket the night before because she has a “huge crush” on her best friend, and it appears she is revealing her story to a stranger in an attempt to release some nervous energy.

“He’s flying from Boston to New Orleans and has a layover in DC,” she explained. 

“I actually live in DC and was gonna go up soon anyway so I thought why not, I’ll surprise him at the airport during his layover.

“I’m gonna tell him I have a crush on him.”

“Bold move right?”

A young woman named Andrea wrote a letter on an air sickness bag while she was on the way to tell her best friend she had a crush on him. Source:u/ho_riene/ Reddit

Andrea goes onto explain that this is really the last chance she has to tell him about her feelings as a couple of days later she was leaving, so she could study abroad for five months in Australia.

She adds that she is going to wing her confession as she is not sure what to say, but asks whoever is reading the note to wish her luck.

“Yeah, yeah I’m lame for writing this on a barf bag but I’m bored, my wifi doesn’t work, and I’m nervous as f*** so this is me venting,” 

“Anyway hope this has made your flight a little less boring.”

She then concludes the letter by telling whoever is reading to do something crazy like she is, adding “Good luck whoever you are”.

Now online users are curious to find out more about the letter-writer and how her quest for love unfolded.

“Alright Reddit let’s do that thing and figure out who Andrea is and what happened to her,” one person wrote.

“Andrea, you are awesome!” said another Reddit user. 

“This girl has watched a few too many romantic comedies. Hope it went well for her though,”  a third wrote.  

But perhaps it is some of the Reddit users who have seen too many movies and let their imagination run wild.

“In my mind, she gets to DC and realises he’s in a different terminal/area that she can’t access because she doesn’t have a valid ticket,” one person suggested.

“My theory is she met him, chickened out, went to Australia, and then he saw this post,” another imagined. 

A Reddit user said they found the letter in the back pocket of a seat on an aircraft they had been cleaning last year. Source: Getty

Some people even revealed their own real life examples of how well it could have ended for Andrea and her best friend.

“My sister was leaving for University in England (we’re in Canada), and literally at the airport a friend of our other sister shows up and professes his love for her literally hours before she is leaving for months.

“They are happily married with 2 kids now.”