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Crossbenchers unite to stop 'right wing dirty deals'

Two progressive NSW crossbenchers are banding together in a bid to block "dirty backroom deals" by conservative opponents after the state election.

Animal Justice MLC Emma Hurst and powerful crossbencher Alex Greenwich announced on Monday they would unite to block moves by Pauline Hanson's One Nation party and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers after the March 25 poll.

"We are going to work together to prevent the far right wing agenda of One Nation and the Shooters and Fishers party from taking hold in NSW," Mr Greenwich said.

Legislation was introduced by NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham during the last term of parliament that could have victimised transgender people, he said.

"Mark Latham and One Nation has a really hardcore, anti-LGBTQI, particularly anti-trans, stance.

"We've got to prevent that from happening."

Mr Latham dismissed Mr Greenwich's comments as a joke.

"Greenwich and Hurst themselves suffer from IVS: invented victimhood syndrome," Mr Latham told AAP.

Ms Hurst said she and Mr Greenwich opposed various other policies proposed by conservative minor parties, including moves towards nuclear energy and a possible relaxation of gun laws to allow firearms in national parks.

"We really want to make sure the incoming government, whoever that is, works on a progressive agenda going forward," she said.

Mr Greenwich and Ms Hurst have previously worked together to pass five private members bills, including legalising abortion and euthanasia and reforms that stopped shelters culling animals.

They are also working towards a ban on puppy farms.

In the event of a hung parliament the two said they would seek an agreement that no backroom deals be done with minor parties.

Ms Hurst said their unity ticket was built on the idea of establishing trust with whomever formed government.

"That means not seeing them come and work with us to outlaw puppy farming, for example, and then going and making a dirty backroom deal to allow hunting in national parks," she said.

Shadow Treasurer Daniel Mookhey said NSW Labor would not do any deals with minor parties or independents in the event of a hung parliament.

"We're not doing any deals with any crossbencher for government," he said.

However Mr Greenwich said the opposition had been happy to make deals with him daily during the last term of government.

"Every single day of the last parliament, Labor was prepared to do a deal on legislation," he said.

AAP has contacted the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers for comment.