Crocodile-infested water lined with traps as search for missing Kiwi continues

Three traps have been set in Queensland's Daintree National Park as authorities prepare to conduct a third day of searching for a New Zealand-born woman believed taken by a crocodile.

Cindy Waldron, 46, was snatched in waist-deep water at Thornton Beach, near Cape Tribulation, on Sunday after going for a late-night dip with her friend Leeann Mitchell during a holiday.

The woman went missing at Cape Tribulation's Thornton Beach.

Ms Mitchell, 47, said they were swimming when she heard her friend scream "a croc has got me".

The friends were swimming in waist deep water when Ms Waldron was taken by the croc. Photo: 7 News

Ms Mitchell tried in vain to drag her to safety and has been left deeply traumatised.

New Zealand native Cindy Waldron lived in NSW for 18 years and was reporredly in QLD visiting friends. Photo: Facebook

Queensland's Environment Department on Tuesday sent three croc traps to the region, which were set overnight.

"They'll be on the water until 2am," Acting Inspector Ed Lukin said.

Police and SES had been scouring the incoming and receding tide lines but no trace of Ms Waldron had been found.

The woman has been missing since Sunday night.

The missing woman's parents, Pat and Heather Waldron, have spoken of their disbelief as they prepare to travel to Queensland.

"We need to be there on the ground to show that we are there, that we care. Our darling girl is gone," Mr Waldron has told the New Zealand Herald.

Crocodile attack victim Cindy Waldron. Photo: Facebook

He said he learned of Sunday night's tragedy from his daughter's former boyfriend, who was contacted by Ms Mitchell.

"It was a hell of a shock. Then we tried to get a hold of the police but couldn't get a hold of them until quite a bit later. We've had to chase the cops a bit, they haven't been quick in responding."

The attack, which took place in an area well known for its crocodiles, has reignited debate about how best to manage public safety risks.

Thornton's Beach in North Queensland. Photo: TripAdvisor.

One north Queensland MP is pushing for hunting safaris, saying croc numbers are now at unprecedented levels. But another says the tragedy was avoidable and has blamed human stupidity.