Critics Mock Trump For Name-Dropping Joan Rivers In Bizarre Election Claim

Former President Donald Trump — who complained about thousands of dead people voting — suggested that Joan Rivers voted for him in the 2016 election despite the comedian’s death in 2014, according to an audio clip.

The clip — which MSNBC’s Joy Reid aired on her program Thursday — stems from one of Trump’s interviews with Ramin Setoodeh, co-editor-in-chief at Variety and author of the recently released book “Apprentice in Wonderland,” which looks at the former president’s life after the White House.

“Joan said she was a Republican, did you know that?” asked Setoodeh as the two discussed the comedian’s time on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“I thought she might have been a Republican,” Trump replied. “I know one thing: she voted for me, according to what she said.”

Reid reacted to the clip by noting “one minor problem” with Trump’s remarks.

“Joan Rivers died two years before the 2016 election, a little too early for early voting,” she said.

The host later pointed to another clip from the interview where Trump appears to claim he had to wrap the discussion up to deal with a foreign policy matter.

“The reason I’m doing this and devoting a lot of time to it, I have to get back up because, you know, doing the whole thing with the Afghanistan,” said Trump in the recording. “Has he blown that Afghanistan.”

Setoodeh told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier this week that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee showed “severe memory issues,” adding that Trump “couldn’t even remember” him.

Check out the Mediaite clip of Reid’s program below:

Critics on social media mocked the former president over the remarks, including the Republican Voters Against Trump group, which shared a clip of Trump’s claim that people “died and they voted.”