'What if that was one of your kids?': Social media trolls slammed for comments on crash victim

Social media trolls have been slammed after wishing a South Australian girl who crashed a stolen car in a police chase would die.

17-year-old Afrikah suffered critical injures after slamming an allegedly stolen Ford into a concrete divide in Old Noarlunga on Friday.

She was allegedly evading police while driving over the speed limit and her boyfriend was a passenger in the car.

Afrikah suffered serious injuries in the crash. Source: 7 News

Subsequent online comments have left her stepmother horrified, with one social media user claiming she was a "burden to the health system".

One comment labelled her a "stupid idiot" while another wished she would die.

The stolen Ford crashed into a concrete divide. Source: 7 News

"Please stop with the hatred and wishing she's going to die, that's not a nice thing, what if that was one of your kids put in that place," Lynda Jones said.

Ms Jones admitted that her stepdaughter was far from perfect but the abusive comments have left her and her family devastated.

Her stepmother has been left devastated by online comments. Source: 7 News

"She'd do anything for you, she'd take her shirt off for you, she'd hand it to you, just a really kind-hearted girl," she added.

Afrikah has since had four operations on her head and arm, with further surgery planned for a shattered pelvis.

Her family were given a small glimpse of hope when doctors lowered her sedation and the teenager rose from her bed in a coughing fit at Flinders Medical Centre.

Her 24-year-old boyfriend, who suffered minor injuries, remains in police custody.