Crippled foal stolen after having leg braces cut off

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

A Melbourne man is appealing for the return of his foal after he claims it was stolen from his home.

Nathan McPherson, of Carrum Downs, took to Facebook with photos of his six-week-old foal Holly. The post has been shared more than 7,200 times.

Holly was born with contracted tendons, which means she has issues walking. The foal has braces on her front legs.

Mr McPherson told Yahoo7 he last saw the horse in his paddock on Monday at 6am.

Nathan McPherson, from Carrum Downs, is appealing for the return of his foal Holly who wears two casts on her legs. She was stolen and was born with contracted tendons. Source: Facebook/ Nathan McPherson

He left for the day and when he returned at about 6pm he realised Holly was gone.

“I rang my father and he brought about five people over to check the property,” Mr McPherson said.

“It’s 20 acres. I noticed the splints and casts spread around the field.”

Mr McPherson said a lot of “time and patience” has gone into helping the foal.

The horse’s owner said she’s been in the casts for three weeks. Source: Facebook/ Nathan McPherson

“She’s three weeks into the cast and the vet’s been really surprised with her progress,” he said.

“She’s of no value to anyone – she can’t be registered as a race horse. We’ve put a lot of time into her.

“I feel for the foal and the mare – if whoever did this could just drop her into the paddock.”

A Victoria Police spokesman said Frankston Crime Investigation Unit is investigating the theft of the horse with investigations ongoing.

Mr McPherson said the horse can’t be registered as a race horse. Source: Facebook/ Nathan McPherson