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Criminology Graduate Shares The Number One Safety Hack She Recommends All Families Start Using

little girl sitting on father shoulder while playing with mother at home
little girl sitting on father shoulder while playing with mother at home

A former criminology student and content creator has sparked a conversation after admitting that there's one safety hack that families should start implementing into their daily lives. In a TikTok video, Dannah Eve, a psychology and criminology graduate, shared that there is one major safety tip that could help families through dangerous situations.

She encouraged families to come up with a secret code word to use between them.

"Here's a safety tip for all of my families out there," Eve began in her video. She recommended that families should start coming up with a code word that they incorporate into their daily lives. "This is something I use throughout my entire life, and this is something that to this day, we still use," she continued. "This could be used in dangerous situations or just in simple situations where your child wants you to be the one to say no to something."

Eve provided some examples of where the secret code word could be used, pointing out that if there is ever a time when your child needs to be picked up from school, but you or your partner are unable to make it, you can use the secret code word to let your child know that whoever comes in their place is a safe person that they can go with.

"Make sure that they know, no matter how believable the story is, unless they use that code word, you are not to go with that individual. A code word is something that you could also use in a dangerous situation as well."

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For another example, Eve claimed that if a child is home alone and someone is trying to enter that home, the child can call their parents and use the secret code word so that they know they're in danger and that something isn't right. Eve also shared that the secret code word has helped her in situations with her friends while she was growing up.

"Specifically when I wanted to send a secret message to my parents so that they knew they were the ones to say no so I didn't look like the bad guy," Eve added. She explained that a child could use it if they are with their friends, who might be doing something dangerous or something that could be making that child uncomfortable, and use the secret code word with their parents if they need to be picked up.

"There are truly so many benefits to having a family code word," Eve stressed.

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In a follow-up video, Eve shared examples of code words families could use that aren't too obvious.

After receiving some comments about the best way to come up with code words so they aren't obvious to other people, Eve provided some examples that families could use or take inspiration from.

"When it comes to a family code word, this is something that you definitely don't want to overthink," she advised. "This could be absolutely anything, but in my personal opinion, it's not something that should be too common or something that's used in your family every day."

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Eve provided some examples, saying that the code word could be a sport that nobody in the family has played or a food that no one likes.

"This code could be anything and everything. Get creative. Sit down with your family and figure out your code word today."

Beyond the benefits of implementing a secret code word, Eve's video also highlights the importance of having open and ongoing discussions between parents and children about safety. While the code word serves as a discreet communication tool that can be helpful in dangerous and uncomfortable situations, the foundation for its effectiveness lies in a family's ability to openly discuss potential dangers and establish trust.

Having open conversations with kids about what to do if a stranger approaches them, or tries to get inside the house, because at the end of the day, a secret code word can be used by anyone, but with these helpful tips on what to do when confronted with danger while out in the real world, it can help when being confronted by a real threat.

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