Criminal investigation launched against Kyiv’s institute designing Ukrainian NPPs

Criminal proceedings initiated over obstruction of state access to strategic information on NPP design - Energy Ministry
Criminal proceedings initiated over obstruction of state access to strategic information on NPP design - Energy Ministry

Ukrainian Ministry of Energy accuses the Kyiv Energy Design Institute (KEDI) of attempting to restrict the state's access to strategic information regarding NPP design. Law enforcement initiated a criminal investigation involving KEDI officials, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy press service reported.

"The Kyiv Scientific Research and Design Institute Energy Project (KEDI), which possesses strategic information on the design of energy facilities in Ukraine, including nuclear power units, once again during wartime seeks to limit the state, represented by the Ministry of Energy, in accessing strategically important information regarding NPPs and participation in the management of the enterprise, which may jeopardize the state interests of Ukraine," the statement said.

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Law enforcement initiated a criminal investigation, and relevant information has been entered into the Unified Register of pre-trial Investigations.

“The Energy Ministry received notification on March 29 of the remote holding of the annual general meeting of shareholders of KEDI scheduled for April 30. One of the agenda items was the election of new members to the supervisory board.”

“The Ministry submitted its proposals in advance, but representatives of the state were not included in the voting bulletin,” the department stated.

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The ministry sent a letter demanding the inclusion of state representatives' candidacies for cumulative voting since there were no justified reasons for refusing the ministry's proposals.

"At the meeting of the current supervisory board held on April 25, Energy Ministry representatives reiterated this, but only state representatives supported such a decision, which was not adopted," the report said.

KEDI officials unlawfully deprived the state, represented by the Energy Ministry of Ukraine, of the right to participate in the company's management, despite the timely submission of state candidates for inclusion in the new composition of the supervisory board and numerous appeals on this matter.

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"This may indicate deliberate actions by the leadership of the design institute to obtain unlawful benefits for themselves or other individuals, contrary to the interests of the enterprise itself, the Ukrainian energy industry, and the state as a whole, especially during wartime.”

“The above is another attempt to prevent the state from accessing strategically important information related to Ukrainian nuclear power plants," the statement said.

KEDI previously demonstrated a position contrary to the state interests of Ukraine, including non-compliance with the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) regarding the necessity of transferring the archive of project documentation for NPPs of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company "Energoatom."

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"Situation is exacerbated by the fact that instead of recognizing the role of the Energy Ministry, whose function is to form and implement state policy in the energy sector of Ukraine, allegations of criminal intent in its actions contained in commissioned media materials are being made," the ministry emphasized.

The largest shareholders of KEDI are PJSC International Energy Company with a share of 71% (the ultimate beneficial owners being Svitlana Vyssarionivna Dubova and Sofia Oleksandrivna Pohorelska (formerly Dubova)), and the state represented by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine with a share of 25%.

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