Crimea's resort areas at risk from uncontrolled Russian mining operations


Uncontrolled limestone mining has escalated to alarming levels in Crimea, threatening the region's resort reputation, according to an activist from the Liberate Crimea movement, Crimea Realities reported on July 9.

The activist, who chose to remain anonymous, detailed the unchecked growth in limestone extraction over the past decade, noting it has "increased many times." This surge in mining activity has turned into a significant Russian business operation, which Ukrainian authorities are powerless to control due to the ongoing occupation of the peninsula.

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Local residents from the Bilohirsk district have reported witnessing convoys of trucks overloaded with crushed stone from the quarry. These trucks, often without tarpaulins and ignoring speed limits, are a common sight, the activist shared.

"All complaints are met with just responses and promises, which change nothing," the activist said.

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The excessive mining activities not only pose a risk to the natural beauty of Crimea but also to its viability as a resort destination. The activist emphasized that in resort areas, there are scientifically based limits on mining to prevent damage that could outweigh the economic benefits of resource extraction.

Moreover, the activist expressed a concern over the attitude of the Russian authorities in Crimea. "There is a strong and disturbing feeling that the Russian authorities really consider themselves to be only temporary rulers here," he added.

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