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Crews battle harsh conditions to rescue four from peak


Crews have rescued a group of hikers from a mountain in Western Australia's south after battling rain, strong winds and snow.

Police were called about 6.20pm on Saturday after four males who hiked up Bluff Knoll, a popular mountain in the Stirling Range, were unable to walk back down because of bad weather.

The hikers told police they had food, water and warm clothing.

Officers opted not to launch an immediate rescue as the darkness and bad weather made it unsafe.

The group remained stranded on Sunday after officers were told about 6.40am it was snowing and two of the males were still unable to walk down to safety.

Rescuing the group by air was again not possible on Sunday morning because of rain and strong winds, the Western Australia Police Force said.

About 2pm WST, police announced a RAC Rescue helicopter had rescued the group.

They were flown to a car park command point and assessed by St John WA ambulance crews, a police spokeswoman said.

"At this time it appears none of them have any serious injuries," she said.

Officers from Gnowangerup, Tambellup and Albany worked with parks and wildlife rangers, State Emergency Service volunteers and St John WA ambulance volunteers to rescue the hikers.

Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the Stirling Range and its most popular trail, according to the government.