Crackdown on volunteers at voting centres

Political volunteers campaigning out the front of some polling centres in Victoria will have their numbers limited after repeated bad behaviour.

The Victorian Electoral Commission announced on Wednesday it had made a ruling to ensure safe and secure voting, starting with the Watergardens Town Centre booth.

"Due to repeated issues by those campaigning outside, we will limit the number of campaigners permitted for each candidate or party listed on the ballot paper for the (Sydenham) District," acting Electoral Commissioner Dana Fleming said in a statement.

"The need to take this action is disappointing, but unfortunately necessary. The safety of voters and our election staff is our priority."

Ms Fleming said most voters were reporting positive experiences when going in to decide who will form the next Victorian government, but a small number of campaigners are consistently "behaving poorly".

The ruling was made on Tuesday and all parties have been warned.

It is not the first time the electoral commission has hit out at at the behaviour of campaigners this election.

On November 17 it issued a warning that voters, election staff, other volunteers and nearby traders had felt unsafe or intimidated and the commission would seek police intervention or restrict volunteer numbers if it continued.

The commission also announced it would open a drive-through voting centre for those infected with COVID-19 and who missed the application deadline for a postal vote of 6pm Wednesday.

The voting centre will be available at 149 Barries Road, Melton West between 9am and 5pm Thursday and Friday, and 8am to 6pm on election day, Saturday.