COVID protest drone operator in court

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A drone operator charged with assaulting police officers at a COVID-19 rally he was filming says he will defend the charges and was acting in self-defence.

Hugh Cameron Dickson appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday after being arrested by police at a protest on September 18.

The 55-year-old man is charged with two counts of serious assault police officer, one count of assault police officer and one count of unlawful possession of restricted drugs.

The serious assault charges relate to Dickson obstructing two police officers in executing their duty, according to court documents.

During a brief mention a duty lawyer asked the court for an adjournment for Dickson to engage a lawyer.

The matter will be mentioned again in the same court on November 3.

Dickson is on bail with conditions including him being unable to attend any protest.

Outside court Dickson said he was packing up a drone he used to film the protest when he realised undercover officers were near him.

He said police spoke to him about flying a drone in the park, which he argued was allowed.

"I exercised my right to walk away," he told reporters.

"They didn't like that."

Dickson said the incident "turned into a big crowd scene" as other people saw what was happening.

Dickson said he had not been charged with any offence relating to the drone and "what I did was self-defence".

Police allege they were arresting a man for allegedly obstructing police when other men became involved in violent or obstructive behaviour.

Four officers were assaulted during the altercation, Queensland police said in a statement.

Police released images of six men 10 days after the rally asking for anyone with information about their identities and whereabouts to come forward.

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