New COVID-19 tests for children on trial

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Moustaches and cat noses are being put to the COVID-19 test.

New Melbourne-made and developed devices shaped in colourful designs are being trialled through the Royal Children's Hospital to screen youngsters for coronavirus with less stress than the current nose and throat swab.

The Rhinomed Junior sits at the base of the nose and collects virus particles for testing.

It comes in various designs, such as moustaches and cat noses, and is controlled by the child, making the whole procedure a lot less stressful.

The Royal Children's Hospitals drive-through COVID-19 testing clinic tests about 1500 children a week.

About 250 children aged four to 18 will trial the device over the six-week trial and the results will be compared with traditional testing methods.

"We know that medical tests can sometimes be disconcerting for young children, but with 317 active cases with children aged under 10, we know that testing is really important tool to make sure that we protect those kids," Health Minister Martin Foley told reporters.

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