Courteney Cox reveals secret messy room that Monica from ‘Friends’ wouldn’t approve of

Courteney Cox has revealed the one secret mess hidden in her home, much like the mystery closet her Friends character kept.

The 59-year-old sitcom star proved she was more like Monica Geller – the 10-season series “clean freak” favourite – than people think. In an amusing TikTok posted on 22 August, Cox took her friend Max through her Malibu home to show him its updated renovations. “I just re-did my dining room and I want to show you,” she said.

As she led her guest into another room, Max’s eye was drawn to a cracked door on his right. “Oh wait, what’s in here?” he asked. Max lightly nudged open the wooden door and turned the camera to a mountain of junk swallowing most of the space in front of him. Pillows and lampshades were thrown on top of empty cardboard boxes, which were resting on miscellaneous furniture pieces.

Cox channelled Monica’s frantic energy after noticing Max had been distracted by her “secret” sloppy closet. “Oh my god, nothing! Oh my god, Max, nothing,” she screamed.

Max pushed for more information when he asked: “What’s in there? That’s pretty messy, is that like your junk closet or something?” Cox jokingly responded: “That’s not funny, seriously don’t. Don’t film it.”

The Cougar Town star frantically jiggled the sliding door shut, before waving her hands in front of the camera to stop Max from filming. “Max, stop! Delete the footage now,” she pleaded. Cox candidly captioned her video: “Come on... we all have one!”

Fans were quick to compare the “accident” to Monica’s storyline in season eight, episode 14 of Friends called, “The One With The Secret Closet”. In the episode, Chandler asked Monica where he can store a colourful punch bowl sent to the two of them as a wedding gift. As Cox’s character was known to need complete organisational control, she told him she’d take care of it.

As he thought of a place to put the large glassware, Chandler questioned whether he can put it in the back closet by the bathroom. Monica immediately shut down the idea of him opening the door, but he was too intrigued to leave it alone. After enlisting Joey’s help, the two find a compact stack of cluttered items looming over them in the closet. Unsurprisingly, Monica found them staring at the mess and freaked out, claiming Chandler was going to ruin the organisation of her junk.

“Inner Monica awakened,” wrote one fan on TikTok.

“That’s not very Monica of you,” another person commented, while a third fan said: “She’s Monica forever.”

Much like her character on Friends, Cox once displayed her own urge to clean in a 22 March Instagram video. On 27 February, the Scream actor received the ultimate entertainment industry award with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One month later, Cox filmed herself popping out of a neighbouring restaurant with a spray bottle and towel to wipe her star down.

“Someone’s gotta do it,” she said.