Courageous dog saves hundreds of sheep from bushfires

A six-year-old dog that saved a flock of sheep from an approaching bushfire has now gained a flock of her own on Instagram.

Patsy, a Kelpie-Border Collie cross from the Victorian town of Corryong, “loves helping with bushfire recovery”, according to her Instagram which now has over 11,000 followers.

On New Year’s Eve, when the fires were nearing the rural town, Patsy and “her human” led the sheep to safety and Patsy then waited with her owner until the fire was close enough for the dream team to fight with a tractor and water pump.

Patsy’s story of bravery was shared on her Instagram account “Patsy the Corryong Wonder Dog”.

Patsy directed a flock of sheep to safety as the fires hit Corryong on New Year's Eve. Source: Instagram/@Patsythecorryongwonderdog

The Instagram page also features a picture of the sheep which are all safe thanks to Patsy’s great work.

A few days after the Instagram account was made, ‘Patsy’ shared a video thanking all for the support she had been receiving from around the world.

“Her human family are blown away how far her story has spread ... anyway, Patsy and her human really appreciate all the support coming from all over the world,” the post said.

In the comments on some of the photos, people are sending their love from Greece, the United States and Canada.

On January 8, Patsy’s owner shared a video of the dog in a paddock where the fire ripped through.

With smoke haze still lingering in the area and the grass completely blackened, the sheep are seen in the background.

“I never dreamed that these 20 seconds of Patsy in a paddock would spread across the world, and that me posting pictures of a little black and white dog would become my way to help my hometown recover from the worst fires in living memory,” the caption, from Patsy’s ‘human’ says.

“Our fire season here isn’t even half way through, and it seems like nowhere is safe. It’s easy to feel helpless.

“But, it’s also easy to help. Make a donation to bushfire relief, no matter how small it is, trust me it will be appreciated. Every little bit helps!”

Patsy has used her platform to encourage people to donate to various relief efforts and let people know what she is up to around the farm.

For all her good work, Patsy’s owner has promised the six-year-old dog will never have to ride in the tray of the ute again.

“Patsy’s human made a promise that she would never have to ride in the back of the ute again, and here she is enjoying her well deserved front seat on her way to work,” Patsy’s Instagram said, boasting a photo of the dog sitting in the front seat with the window down.

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