Couple's touching act for stranded delivery driver

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A delivery driver has shared how complete strangers opened up their home to her for five days after she crashed her car in to their front yard during a snow storm.

Chelsea Timmons, 32, is a math teacher in Houston, Texas, and supplements her income delivering groceries on the weekend.

But last Sunday her final delivery for the day almost ended in tragedy when her car began to slide on the icy road and sent her straight into a tree in her client’s front yard.

Thankfully, Ms Timmons was uninjured but her car was now covered in ice and snow and wouldn’t budge, so she knocked on her client’s door, delivered their groceries and explained what had happened.

Chelsea Timmons with the family that let her stay with them for five days during a Texas snow storm
Chelsea Timmons found herself staying with generous strangers (left) after icy weather conditions left her stranded on the road. Source: Facebook

Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson invited Ms Timmons inside so she could wait in a warm place for a tow truck to help her get her vehicle out of the snow. But hours later, the tow truck hadn't shown up.

The same day, several states across the US were hit with rolling power outages and below freezing conditions for days, with Texas being one of the worst hit states. It is believed 70 people have died from hypothermia. 

Mr Condon and Ms Richardson invited the teacher to stay in their guest room to wait out the storm, leaving the Ms Timmons shocked by their generosity.

“These people let a complete stranger stay the night! Not only that but they cooked me a steak dinner! Definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day!” Ms Timmons wrote on Facebook.

Five days later, Ms Timmons was still staying with the pair, who insisted she stay until the weather settled down.

“The road conditions were still horrible! Cars weren’t even making it out of the neighbourhood safely. Power was going out across the city, stores were closed or empty, hotels overrun by people seeking warmth,” Ms Timmons wrote.

Chelsea Timmons and her parents
Chelsea Timmons parents were happy to see her after five long days stuck with stangers in a snow storm. Source: Facebook

Each morning during her stay, Ms Timmons said she would suggest to her hosts that she stay at a hotel and each morning they insisted she stay with them, concerned she wouldn’t be safe on the roads given how bad the roads were.

Mr Condon told CNN they "didn't think twice" about inviting Ms Timmons to stay.

"We would hope that if our daughters were in a situation similar to Chelsea, that there would be someone that would treat them like we treated Chelsea," he said

When she was finally able to make the three hour drive home, Ms Timmons said her parents were beyond excited to see her safe and sound and she updated her Facebook with happy snaps taken with her family.

“I can’t believe everything that has happened. Beyond grateful that I have been able find comfort with strangers during this unprecedented Winter Storm.”

Ms Timmons told CNN she plans to keep in touch with her new friends.

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