Couple who won massive $200m lotto prize thought it was a scam

A British couple thought they were being scammed when they discovered they had won a massive $200 million lotto prize.

Frances and Patrick Connolly bought their ticket into the EuroMillions jackpot just hours before the draw on News Year’s Day.

When the grandparents checked the numbers on the website that evening, they were in disbelief when they realised their entry matched the winning numbers.

Frances and Patrick Connolly initially thought the win was a scam. Source: 7 News

“I then went on to a second website to check their numbers and they were the same, and I still thought, ‘this is a bit of a scam’,” Mr Connolly said.

“So I checked a third site and again, same numbers.”

They only believed it when they received an official email confirming they had won $200 million.

Mrs Connolly said the first thing she did after discovering the win was have a cup of tea.

Frances and Patrick Connolly celebrate their $200 million win. Source: 7 News

With their new found riches, the couple could afford to buy 130 top of the line Lamborghinis, three Caribbean islands and four large private planes. 

The couple have already pledged to share their win with 50 of their closest family and friends.

“The pleasure for me is going to be seeing their faces and asking them what they want,” Mrs Connolly said.

Incredibly, they haven’t even set a UK record. In the past, three other winners have scooped up more money than they have.