Couple wins $1m lotto prize for second time

A Perth couple has received not one, but two strokes of good luck, winning a second million-dollar prize in as many years with the same numbers.

The Gosnells couple became the sole division one winners in Wednesday’s Lotto draw, following a $1 million win in a Monday draw in December 2016.

They unidentified pair bought both winning tickets from the newsXpress’ Foothills store, PerthNow reported.

A lucky Perth couple has won a second $1 million prize in as many years. Source: Yahoo Magazines

The winners said they would use the winnings to help their children.

“Everything we do is for the kids and this just means we can set them up for the future,” they said.

They man who has been playing the same numbers for the past 10 years put the two wins down to persistence and a positive mindset.

“A good attitude is the key and it’s not if I win, but when,” the man said.

“There’s a method to my madness. I pick my own lucky numbers and they’re not based on anything in particular, just ones I like.”