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Couple uses artificial intelligence to redesign backyard: ‘AI is truly gonna take over so many jobs’

Internet users have a world of possibilities in front of them now that Chat GPT has stepped into the mainstream. People have used it to do assignments, create meal plans and even run their businesses.

Now, TikTokers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to power their creativity when it comes to interior design.

Paulina Machaj (@itspaulinamac) posted a video of her using to springboard her outdoor renovation.

“Revamping our courtyard with the help of AI,” Machaj wrote in her post.

With the website, users input a theme they’d like to see and what kind of room the space is before uploading a picture of their current space. Then, puts the AI-generated room side-by-side with the original space.

Using AI to redesign a room is a popular trend on TikTok, with the hashtag #roomgpt accredited with over 4.5 million views. Of the 1.9 million viewers of Machaj’s video, there were mixed reviews of the website.

“Ummm, no. I thought it would suggest new furniture, wall decorations maybe some plants,” said @babyk.87.

“Yeah I need this when I move,” replied @theblvkswan. also allows users to gain inspiration from its interior design page, which gives a list of potential rooms to choose from and a long list of design styles.

This technology is a step further than the augmented reality software many shopping sites have.

Augmented reality overlays 3D art, while AI “can only simulate consciousness by performing the data it analyzes,” according to

Those sites allow customers to view how the individual item would look in a room, however, it does not remake the entire space like

“AI is truly gonna take over so many jobs,” said @knot_typical under the video.

With a website that helps users unlock the full potential of their space, the opportunities created by AI continue to expand.

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