Couple stranded on tropical island after unthinkable tragedy

A couple has suffered an unthinkable tragedy on holiday.

Pregnant UK mum Chloe Sullivan and her fiancé Michael Parrott were on holiday in the Dominican Republic with their four-year-old daughter last week when Ms Sullivan noticed “something unusual down below”, according to a GoFundMe page.

Family friend Harry Cottam wrote on the page that Ms Sullivan was told by a midwife to go straight to hospital, on October 13.

The couple claim they were told any treatment not covered by health insurance meant they would not be able to continue.

The parents claim the hospital wanted $30,000 from them and if they didn’t pay it they wouldn’t be able to leave the country. Source: Facebook/ Michael Parrott

They also claim the hospital was aware their insurance wouldn’t cover the cost and they were originally quoted about A$15,000.

Ms Sullivan underwent an emergency caesarean and baby Arlo was born the following day but he was taken straight to the neonatal ward. 

“Neither Chloe or Michael were allowed to see Arlo at all,” Mr Cottam wrote.

“The doctors called them in at around 4am on October 15 to say Arlo was distressed and that they had discovered he had PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension) and respiratory problems.  

“Arlo unfortunately passed later on that morning. “

The couple with baby Arlo. Source: GoFundMe/ Baby Arlo

The heartbroken parents wanted to take Arlo home to the UK, but they claim the hospital threatened to dispose of the baby’s body unless they paid about $5100.

“Their hearts are broken and they just want to get home, however the hospital refused to let them leave until they paid the medical fee which had now increased to over $28,000,” Mr Cottam wrote. 

“They physically do not have that kind of money nor can they access that easily.”

The couple claim they asked to pay in instalments but were refused and surrounded by police and security guards. 

“The hospital threatened to contact Interpol and said that if they did not hand over their passports they would ensure they could not leave the country,” Mr Cottam wrote.

“Chloe asked for proof of where she had signed to say she would be held accountable for these fees and they provided her with a document which, she had not signed.  

“When she asked for a copy they refused.”

Pregnant UK mum Chloe Sullivan and her fiancé Michael Parrott were on holiday in the Dominican Republic when their son Arlo was born. He died after birth and the couple claim they were slugged with a $30,000 hospital bill. Source: Facebook/ Michael Parrott

Mr Cottam added the hospital advised Ms Sullivan that staff had saved her life and she should be grateful. 

Ms Sullivan handed over her passport so the couple could return to the hotel.

Mr Cottam claims the British Embassy told the couple to pay the bill as it could not get involved.

Fortunately, the target of about $30,000 has been reached in just two days meaning the couple alongside their daughter and baby Arlo can now return home.

Ms Sullivan wrote on the page a thank you message to those who donated.

“I cannot believe how amazingly kind people can be,” she wrote.

“We are incredibly lucky to have so much support from you all.

“In a very dark and hard time you have helped to shine a little ray of light and given us the breathing space to start to grieve for our son.”