Couple reveal how they knew that they had won $20m

A couple who were the lucky winners of a $20 million Oz Lotto prize had been holding onto the winning ticket for a couple of days before realising they were about to receive a sizeable windfall.

The pair from Bathurst confirmed their win with a NSW Lotteries official on Friday morning – three days after the draw.

But on Thursday the couple’s entry had been on the mind of the NSW man.

“My wife actually bought the ticket and I mentioned to her a couple of times during the day yesterday if she had checked it and she kept telling me she hadn’t,” he explained to the lottery official on Friday morning.
“Last night I said to her ‘go get that ticket, I’ve got a really funny feeling about it.’

“So she went and got the ticket and we checked our numbers online and sure enough, my gut instinct was right!”

A couple have claimed their winning $20 million dollar prize after a “funny feeling” influenced them to check their numbers. Source: The Lott

Despite the numbers matching, the couple were still in disbelief.

“We read over the numbers more than five times to be sure but I still didn’t think it could be right,” the winner continued. 
“We needed this phone call to officially confirm the news but I still can’t believe it.”

It is not known how old the couple are, but they have said helping their family will be their first priority.

“Then we will pay all our bills and think about retiring early and making some exciting plans,” the winner revealed. 

The owner of the news agency where the couple bought the winning ticket said the regional centre of Bathurst has been buzzing with excitement.

“All the staff at the outlet have been holding their breath as they check Oz Lotto tickets, wondering if they’re about to break the incredible news to one of our customers,” News on William owner Adrian Smith said. 

Mr Smith said he is glad the winners are now aware of the life-changing prize.

The pair held the only division one winning entry in Oz Lotto draw 1302.

The winning numbers were 22, 38, 27, 26, 35, 4, and 19. The supplementary numbers were 25 and 36.

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