Couple make disturbing find under floor of new home: 'Little creeped out'

When you undertake a home renovation you expect to run into some surprises – but certainly nothing this weird.

One new homeowner in California has shared his dismay after claiming to find a spooky and truly bizarre scene hiding under the flooring of his new home.

After moving in about three months ago, he and his wife decided to do some upgrades.

"The house is a bit old and was built in 1973, so we are doing some minor updates like replacing the flooring," he told Yahoo News Australia.

"Our demo contractor was almost done pulling up the flooring when we got to this room and found a painting of a pentagram in red paint underneath."

The red painting displayed witchcraft-like drawings including a pentagram, some bizarre symbols and ominous hand and foot prints.

The red pentagram under the flooring. Source: Imgur/supplied
Not what you expect to see when you rip up the flooring. Source: Imgur/supplied

The couple also found other odd markings around the house, such as strange quotes and funny messages.

"I did meet the sellers very briefly and they seemed pretty normal," he recalled.

A little spooked out, the couple turned to social media in hopes of understanding what was behind the "creepy" discovery.

'Prank or joke?': Internet points to popular TV show

Sharing an image of the scene to social media site Reddit, many online sleuths offered their opinion on the markings with some suggesting it was inspired by the popular long-running TV show Supernatural, saying it was a devil's trap.

"My first thought was: 'I just watched that episode' lol," responded one user.

While not superstitious himself, he said he received numerous messages from people who "interpreted the symbols as being protective".

Others, meanwhile, thought it was part of a niche trend of home sellers who leave creepy and hidden things for the new buyer of the house to eventually find.

"Probably somebody having fun. My roommates used to do this type of stuff at our apartments before we leave," one Reddit user commented.

"As far as I’ve gathered it was likely a long running prank or joke and there’s nothing to be worried about," the homeowner told Yahoo News Australia.

Nonetheless, he says he went to a hardware store to get some paint to cover it up until the new flooring is laid, admitting his wife was a little creeped out.

"It will be weird walking around here though, knowing that’s underneath the floors."

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