Couple look up to find snake slithering on their ceiling fan

A couple watching Netflix in bed on Sunday night were shocked by a surprise visitor dropping in.

At about 8pm the python came through the air conditioning duct and slithered onto the ceiling fan in the home at Victoria Point in South East Queensland.

The snake was sitting right above Zach Houliston and his girlfriend, Libby.

“It was hanging down from the roof, probably half a metre above our heads,” Mr Houliston recalled.

“We both jumped out of bed and yeah my Mrs screamed and just wanted to get him out of there really,” he added.

Mr Houliston, 21, said the vent was not bolted on properly.

“The bit that was holding it to the roof was broken, so it must have been able to squeeze through,” he said.

The couple were shocked to look up and spot the snake above their heads. Source: Supplied

They have seen a snake in the Queensland home before, and believe some may live in the roof, but said it was certainly “unexpected” that one dropped in like that.

There are some peach-faced lovebirds in the room so the 21-year-old believed it may have been searching for them.

“That’s the last time I want one coming through my roof,” Mr Houliston said.

They have made sure all the vents in the house are sealed now in the hope it doesn’t happen again.

There have been snakes in the home before but not surprising the residents like this. Source: Supplied