Couple 'harass' cop trying to perform a coronavirus check

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A couple have been slammed online for berating a police officer after he came to their home to ask questions about coronavirus.

The footage captures the officer telling the couple he is a leading senior constable with the Lake Illawarra police, near Wollongong, named Alex.

Before he can get in another word, the couple ask the officer for his “full name and badge number and personality liability insurance” before telling him that he is trespassing on their property.

Pictured is the police officer being filmed through the screen door and when the man confronted him in person.
A couple have been slammed online for berating a police officer after he came to their home to ask questions about coronavirus. Source: Facebook

The constable appears confused but gives them his whole name and offers the address of the police station.

The couple continue to accuse the cop of trespassing as he begins to write down his details for the pair, who finally confess four officers have visited their home.

“I’m assuming you didn’t give them your details,” the officer says before the man interrupts and once again orders him to write down his details.

“Prove to me you are who you say you are?” the man demands.

“So what I’ve said already and what I’m wearing is not good enough for you?” the officer responds.

The man then tells the cop they plan on “going after him personally” because he walked onto their lot without consent.

They continue to barb back and forth until finally the cop asks them if they are actually going to answer his coronavirus questions, to which they refuse.

As the officer leaves, the man decides to follow him and confront him before filming his trespassing sign.

The footage has been seen more than 1,000 times after it was posted to Facebook.

Hundreds of commenters hit out at the couple’s actions, saying they should be “ashamed of themselves” and how they behaved.

“The police officer handled this situation very well. A good example of the kind of idiots police have to put up with. This officer deserves respect not harassment,” one woman wrote.

“You pair off muppets…I hope you never need the police for help in the future. I suppose the visit was just checking you’re isolating properly. Good on the police for doing checks,” another said.

“What a disgrace that couple are. I hope they came back with a warrant,” a third person said.

NSW Police told Yahoo News Australia they were aware of the incident, which they say occurred on Tuesday around 1.30pm.

The officer was conducting inquiries in relation to self-isolation requirements, a spokesperson said.

“The officer announced his office to the occupants of the home – a 36-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman – who refused to provide details or respond to COVID-compliance questions.

“After numerous failed attempts to obtain basic information, the officer left the home and reported the incident to his supervisor,” the spokesperson said.

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