Couple find 60-year-old McDonald's fries hidden in wall

A couple say they have discovered what appears to be a 60-year-old bag of McDonald’s fries while renovating their bathroom.

Rob Jones found the vintage fries still in their container behind one of the walls in the Illinois home in the US he shares with his wife.

After removing the toilet roll holder, Mr Jones told McClatchy News he spotted “an old white rag”.

“We pulled the rag out and could feel something wrapped inside it,” he said.

The old McDonald's fries and wrappers found in Rob Jones' wall.
Rob Jones says he found 60-year-old McDonald's fries and wrappers behind his bathroom wall. Source: Reddit/Rob Jones

Fearing the worst, he hesitantly unwrapped the rag, discovering the fries, a McDonald’s paper bag and two hamburger wrappers.

“I was glad to see it was only French fries,” the homeowner posted on Reddit last week, alongside an image of the rare find.

“I was nervous I was about to help solve a cold case.”

Old McDonald’s fries ‘still perfectly crispy’

Mr Jones said the couple’s home was built in 1959 and he was “pretty sure these have been there since”, calling them “still perfectly crispy”.

According to Business Insider, the winking Chef Speedee mascot featured on the bags found in Mr Jones’ home was used by McDonald’s from 1955 to 1961.

The mascot can be seen holding signs that read “custom built burgers” and “I’m speedier”.

In 1961, McDonald’s opted for a design that is an early version of today’s Golden Arches, which was designed in 1968, the publication said.

Mr Jones said he and his wife live close to one of the original McDonald’s locations in Crystal Lake, Illinois, which opened in 1959.

The McDonalds restaurant at Southbank in Brisbane.
The winking mascot featured on the bags found in Mr Jones’ home was used by McDonald’s from 1955 to 1961. Source: Getty

'Got yourself some petrifries'

Many Reddit users applauded Mr Jones on his odd discovery, deeming it the oldest MCDonald’s find in a wall so far.

“100 per cent that’s a construction time capsule,” one person wrote.

“Some 1959 labourer has tossed his lunch scraps into the wall cavity,” another said.

“The fact there's anything at all left of those fries is worrisome to say the least…” a third pointed out.

“You got yourself some petrifries,” a fourth joked.

Some commenters even encouraged him to eat the fries, urging Mr Jones to “freshen” them up in an air fryer.

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