Couple face backlash after strict marriage ‘rules’ go viral

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An American couple is facing backlash on TikTok after a video outlining the ‘rules’ they have for their marriage has gone viral.

In the video posted on Saturday, TikTok user Bailey McPherson says some of the rules in her and her husband’s marriage include a ban on porn and being alone with members of the opposite sex.

McPherson, who has been married to her husband Zac since 2018, describes herself as “hella conservative”.

The video, which has received over 2.5 million views, is titled: “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY.”

Rules include not being friends with the opposite sex, not being alone with the opposite sex and not texting the opposite sex without the other person knowing.

Additional rules include not “lusting” after others - which is extended to not following “scandalous” pages on social media - no porn and always putting each other first, even above their parents.

Fellow TikTok users were quick to give their opinion on the rules in the comments, with one saying: “Tell me you don’t trust your partner without telling me you don’t trust your partner.”

Another added: “Sorry this is absolutely insane,” and a third said the rules “sound like insecurities tbh”.

Others agreed with the couple’s guidelines, with one person stating: “And that ladies and gentlemen is respecting your partner.”

Following the initial video, McPherson dropped a subsequent post where she said: “I personally feel like as a married woman, I have no need for a companionship with another man that I cannot get with my husband. My husband has no need for a companionship with another woman that he cannot get from his wife.”

It’s not the first time McPherson, who identifies as a Christian, has posted a controversial opinion on the social media platform.

Other videos posted on her second account include her speaking about not getting vaccinated, how she supports anti-abortion reforms and how she refuses to wear a mask.

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