Couple defies advice to terminate their pregnancy - and 'miracle' baby is born

A Victorian couple has shared their remarkable story of delivering a healthy baby girl after they were told to end the pregnancy.

Two tests came back positive for chromosomal abnormalities, but little Ella was born without them.

At 10 months old, she's a picture of good health - but the journey to this point has been harrowing for Point Cook parents Yvette and Mali, who were told Ella had serious abnormalities and that they should terminate the pregnancy.

The pair defied the odds and discovered on the day she was born that the prognosis was simply wrong.

Ella is the

"Here you are at 45, finally pregnant naturally, and everything collapses," Yvette Ozkavak recalls of the initial diagnosis.

Ella had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, or Edwards Syndrome, a condition that causes severe developmental delays due to an extra chromosome.

Yvette and Mali decided to go ahead with the pregnancy despite being advised to terminate. Source: 7 News

"Not many people know about Trisomy 18 and we didn't know what was Edwards Syndrome," Yvette admits.

But they had faith in the way their baby was developing when they attended ultrasound appointments.

"You need to make sure you see a good ultrasound doctor," Mali said.

Yvette and Mali admit they had never heard of Edwards Syndrome before. Source: 7 News

"Even if she's sick, if she only has one hour, we wanted her to have love for that one hour," Yvette says.

On the day Ella was born, Yvette says she was "petrified" - then shocked to realise she had delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Two separate tests had given the parents the wrong information on their unborn baby's health.

New mum Yvette with baby Ella. Source: 7 News

Yvette says she was "very angry" for a long time about the incorrect diagnosis and it has taken her until now to speak out about what happened to her and Mali.

Describing little Ella as "our miracle", her advice to parents is: "Question it, research it, believe in yourself."