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Parents charged with murder and torture after Queensland baby dies

The parents of a baby boy who died in what Queensland Police have described as “one of the most confronting scenes” they’ve ever seen have been charged with his murder.

Ryan Bosch, 33, and Noemi Kondacs, 22, are accused of torturing the seven-month-old at their home in the Moreton Bay region.

Police allege they fatally injured the boy sometime on Wednesday but didn’t call an ambulance to the rural home in Yugar, north of Brisbane, until Thursday morning. But by that point, their son had died.

Ryan Bosch, 33, and Noemi Kondacs, 22. Source: Facebook
Ryan Bosch, 33, and Noemi Kondacs, 22, have been charged over the death of their seven-month-old boy. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

On Friday morning Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll confirmed the couple were the child's parents.

"Truly sad that the most vulnerable in the community aren't better protected," she told ABC Radio Brisbane. "It was a terrible scene. Getting a brief from my officers, it was just the most horrendous and confronting scene that you could ever face as a police officer."

The house in Yugar in the Moreton Bay region, where a baby was allegedly murdered.
Police were called to the home in Yugar in the Moreton Bay region on Thursday morning after paramedics reported the seven-month-old had died. Source: Seven News (Seven News)

'Most confronting scene' in veteran cop's 30-year career

Detectives say Mr Bosch, who is from South Africa, made the call to the Queensland Ambulance Service. When paramedics arrived at the Mount Samson Road property to find the boy dead, they phoned police at 6.45am.

“The investigation has uncovered injuries to the child which are enough for us to charge with murder,” Detective Inspector David Jackman said on Thursday. “We’re confident enough to charge the two people with murder.”

“I’ve been a detective for 30-odd years and it’s one of the most confronting scenes that I’ve seen. People that have got children, they’re defenceless. It’s not pleasant. Any homicide is tragic. When it relates to a young person, or an infant in this instance, it’s quite confronting and tragic. When you reduce the age of the victim, it certainly hits home.”

He added that they’re looking after the welfare of the first responders who attended the scene.

Police at the scene.
Detective Inspector David Jackman said it is one of the most confronting scenes he has seen in his 30-year career. Source: Nine News (Nine News)

Couple to face court

The couple have both been charged with one count of murder and torture. Ms Kondacs' charge of murder is expected to be under the definition of reckless indifference, police said. They are both due to appear before the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

At this stage, police say they have no information to suggest the boy had any underlying health issues and hadn’t been neglected in terms of nourishment. Officers have also been speaking with friends and family and door knocking neighbours in the semi-rural area, with the nearest property some hundreds of metres away from the family home. They were also seen inspecting a red Toyota GXL parked outside the home.

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