Couple brag about 'buying their first home at 19' and get blasted online

As we all know, rising house prices are making it harder and harder for young people to bag an amazing first home (or any first home for that matter).

While a lucky few are able to do so, they tend to avoid bragging about it because there are so many others struggling to do the same.

However, one coupe couldn’t resist sharing their achievement online, and their post hasn’t gone down too well.

One coupe couldn’t resist sharing their achievement online in a boastful manner. Photo: Twitter/Jacob Obers

Posting a picture on Twitter, the couple named Jacob and Ana could be seen hugging and smiling in front of an idyllic country home.

“Bought our first house at age 19… what y’all buying”, they captioned the shot.

And the replies immediately made it clear that people did not appreciate the fact they felt the need to brag about their achievement and bring others down in the process.

“BoUgHt My OwN PlAnEt aT AgE 17, WhAt Y’aLl DoInG,” one person joked.

While others doubted the pair’s story claim was actually true.

“What y’all buying?? haha, well, certainly not this story,” one person wrote.

“I’m buying that this tweet isn’t true,” another added.

“Who could have known? All I had to do to buy a house at age 19 was to have an extremely wealthy dad. I’ll plan better in the next life,” another replied.

“Wait so you’re living the life of a 40 year old at 19 and trying to humble brag on Twitter?” one Twitter user asked.

And it turned out they were right to doubt it because the couple were forced to admit the tweet was “a joke”.

In fact, the pair had just taken a picture in front of a popular manor house which is often used to host weddings.

“Congrats you caught me. My dAd BoUght tHe WildwWood mEtrO parK ManoR hoUse,” Jacob tweeted.

“1. this is a joke so he isn’t coming clean 2. no one bought a house so y’all aren’t roasting us lol,” Ana later tweeted. “3. jacob and i could care less about twitter “fame” and 4. twitter is for the laughs so let’s keep it that way plz n thx.”

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