Couple accused of killing teen for child

Amber Haigh missing woman
Amber Haigh is missing and assumed dead. Picture: Supplied.

A couple are alleged to have killed teenager Amber Haigh so they could gain custody of a young child, a court has been told.

Robert Samuel Geeves, 64 and Anne Margaret Geeves, 64, on Friday stood in the NSW Supreme Court in Wagga Wagga where they pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Haigh, who disappeared while living at their Kingsvale property in regional NSW more than 22 years ago.

Ms Haigh, 19, who had an intellectual disability and suffered from epilepsy, was living with the Geeves when she disappeared in June 2002.

Her body has never been found and she has never contacted family members the court was told on Friday.

The Geeves’ have both said they dropped Ms Haigh off at Campbelltown Train Station on June 5, 2002, as she travelled to see her sick father on Sydney’s western outskirts.

The Geeves’ reported Amber missing at Young Police Station on 19 June, 2002.

The last independent sighting of Ms Haigh was on June 2, 2002, Crown prosecutor Paul Kerr told the court on Friday, on day one of what is expected to be an eight-week judge-alone trial before Justice Julia Lonergan.

2000 : Amber Haigh (19) in 2000 copy photo taken on her 18th birthday at her aunt Stella's Carinya Downs home in Kingsvale on Southern Highlands, who was last seen in 06/02 & is believed to have been murdered.\nNSW / Crime / Murder / Victim\nP/
Amber Haigh vanished and is assumed dead after she was last seen in June 2002. Picture: Supplied.

Both Ms and Mr Geeves, through their lawyers, on Friday denied having any knowledge or having taken part in Ms Haigh’s death.

The Crown prosecution has alleged the couple, as part of a joint criminal enterprise, murdered Ms Haigh.

“The Crown asserts they killed her,” Mr Kerr said.

Mr Kerr said it was alleged the couple who killed Ms Haigh to gain custody of a young child.

The court heard that listening devices were placed inside the Geeves’ home and car as part of a police investigation.

A 2011 inquest concluded that Amber was dead but the coroner returned an open finding.

Robert Samuel Geeves was arrested in May 2002. Picture: NSW Police.
Robert Samuel Geeves was arrested in May 2002. Picture: NSW Police.
Anne Margaret Geeves are standing trial in the NSW Supreme Court.
Anne Margaret Geeves are standing trial in the NSW Supreme Court.

Ms Geeves’ barrister Michael King told the court his client did not have a motive to want Ms Haigh dead.

Further, he said she did not kill the young mother or have any knowledge of her being killed.

“Anne Geeves says that on 5 June, 2002, she and her husband drove Amber to Campbelltown Train Station in their white Pajero vehicle, depositing her there so she could make the final leg of her journey to see her father,” Mr King said.

Barrister Paul Coady, acting for Mr Geeves, asserted Mr Geeves had no motive to kill Ms Haigh.

Ms Geeves’ mother, Rosalind Wright - who separated from Amber’s father - told the court on Friday her daughter could be “easily led”.

“I think that the way she would be, I believe she could be easily led,” she said.

She said the last time she saw her daughter was in November 2000.

The trial continues on Monday.