Council shingle works branded a waste of money

Shingle on a seawall was acting as a ramp for strong waves

A £15,000 council operation to move shingle from a seawall has been labelled a waste of money.

Redcar and Cleveland Council moved the shingle in February because it had been acting as a ramp for strong waves, leading to more shingle being swept on to a promenade in Saltburn.

But Saltburn ward councillor Philip Thomson said that in the time since, the sea had simply moved the shingle back to where it was.

A council official said local businesses had thanked the local authority for the project.

The operation was necessary because shingle which had been swept on to the promenade following high tides had damaged some local businesses, said Labour councillor Carl Quartermain.

He said shingle which had accumulated on the sea wall was acting as a ramp for waves.

But Mr Thomson said the council had simply moved the shingle 20 yards down the beach and since the work, the shingle had returned on top of the sea wall.

There was “no logic” in the scheme and it was a waste of money, he said.

Less damage

Mr Quartermain acknowledged that the shingle had returned to its original location.

But he said local businesses had told the local authority they had experienced less damage during recent strong winds because of the work.

He said a beach management plan for the area was being drawn up.

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