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Council blasts residents over ignored beach rule: 'Take responsibility'

The local council has urged residents to be 'responsible' and warns they're at risk of receiving $330 fines.

A frustrated mum from Sydney has hit out at dog owners who continue to ignore signs banning their pets from a popular Sydney beach.

The resident said she does "not feel comfortable letting [her] daughter play in the sand" at Brighton-Le-Sands beach in the city's south as prohibited animals continue to "poop and pee"on the beach and contaminate the area.

According to the Bayside Council, neighbouring beach Kyeemagh is the only beach in the council area where pets are allowed. They are banned from the sand at Brighton-Le-Sands and other beaches. Signs displayed make this clear however they appear to be ignored by some dog owners, with council now telling residents they need to "take responsibility".

Brighton-le-sands beach dog rules sign.
Residents fume over dog owners ignoring signs at Brighton-Le-Sands beach in Sydney. Source: Facebook

"I would like to know what can be done to stop residents from bringing their dogs onto the sand," the mother posted anonymously on a local Facebook group this week. "They poop and pee in it and I, as a mother who has a baby, do not feel comfortable letting my daughter play in the sand".

She continued to say there are "signs all over the beach" with Bayside Council confirming there's one "at each gate entry to the beach and throughout the park". "What is the point that these people do not respect the norms and residents? What can the council do about this?" she fumed.

People divided over dogs on beaches

Her post sparked a heated debate among residents with some agreeing "signs should be obeyed".

"Not everyone likes dogs running around especially if you have a baby," one said. "I have a dog and take him only to dog-designated areas. I wish there were more dog beaches though".

Although banning dogs from beaches was not an option for many residents. One argued that "animals make less mess and noise than most kids".

"How about the parents that leave the kids to play naked and doing pee and poo on the beach as well. I saw it many times," another said.

Kyeemagh beach off-leash dog sign.
Kyeemagh is the only beach where dogs are allowed in the Bayside council area. Source: Google Images

A third agreed saying, "If we're going to ban dogs then humans need to be banned as well. Some humans do much grubbier things on the beach". While another admitted they're "more worried about broken glass and syringes" than dog droppings on the beach.

Siding with the poster, one person said "the law is the law". "We need to feel confident when we take our shoes off and enjoy the beach," they argued.

$330 fine for dogs on beaches

The penalty for having a dog in a prohibited area is $330 and council rangers actively patrol the area, a council spokesperson confirmed "Dog owners must take some responsibility to understand where they can and can’t take their dog," they told Yahoo News Australia.

In addition to Kyeemagh beach, there are 13 off-leash parks for dog owners to enjoy.

Council rules for dog owners

  • It's an offence not to take sufficient bags with you and pick up after your dog.

  • Dispose of dog poo in the public bins provided or at home. It is an offence to put waste in another resident's bin.

  • Always walk your dog on-leash, unless in a designated off-leash area.

  • You can only walk up to four dogs at once.

  • Dogs are prohibited entry to some parks and reserves, check signage before entry.

  • Make sure your dog is wearing its Council registration tag.

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