Could you be fooled by this driving test question?

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Driving tests question learners on all aspects of driving including the bare essentials, so would experienced motorists be caught off-guard when answering this NSW Driver Knowledge Test question?

The question asks: “Are you required to carry your driver’s licence with you every time you drive?”

As shown below it then gives you four choices to select from:

A licence question as it appears on the Service NSW Driver Knowledge Test.
The licence question on the Service NSW Driver Knowledge Test. Source: Service NSW

An interstate conundrum

It is no surprise to learn that drivers are expected to have their licence with them whenever they get behind the wheel – so the answer is D.

This is because licensing regulations in NSW require drivers to have their licence with them while driving on any public road.

Your licence acts as a key part of the identification process should you ever be pulled over by the police, and it can bring about the issue of debating your identity when going through any formal process.

Each state has slightly different views on producing your licence with some, such as NSW and Tasmania, requiring it to be on you at all times while others like Victoria and Western Australia don’t require you to carry it, but expect it to be shown within a few days if requested by police.

However, younger drivers or anyone on their P-Plates should always carry it with them at all times as it is a legal requirement no matter what state they are driving in.

Australian paper currency on a traffic infringement document.
Drivers can be fined if they don't produce their driver's licence in some states. Source: Getty Images

Big penalties for not carrying your driver's licence

With so much resting on having your licence to verify who you are, it is no secret that the police will dish out some costly penalties. Some of these hefty fines include:

NSW: Drivers in NSW who fail to produce their licence when requested by police can expect a $116 fine.

VIC: In Victoria, police can issue drivers with a fine of $182 if they fail to show their licence and are under the age of 26. Drivers over the age of 26 are not required to have their licence with them at all times.

QLD: Queensland Police are a bit more relaxed towards drivers who forget their licence as they have 48 hours to produce it. However, anyone failing to produce a licence after this deadline will cop a $150 fine.

SA: South Australian drivers are generally given 48 hours to produce their licence if they are pulled over by the cops. If they fail to do this, they can expect to get slapped with a minimum fine of $302 from SA Police.

WA: Western Australian drivers are generally shown good faith by the police who expect drivers to produce a licence within several days of being pulled over. If not, they run the risk of getting a $50 fine.

TAS: In Tasmania, drivers are expected to have their licence with them at all times. If they fail to produce a licence, they can get a fine of $87.

ACT: If drivers in Canberra fail to produce a licence if they are pulled over by ACT Police, they should expect to be given a fine of $205.

A young driver holding a green P plate. Source: Getty Images
P-Platers and young drivers are expected to have their licence with them at all times on Australian roads. Source: Getty Images

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