Could you answer this NSW Learner Driver question?

Many people think that the more experience they have behind the wheel, the safer they are as a driver and the more they know about road rules.

However, this learner driver question might be about to put that theory to the test.

Stop sing on Australian Road. Source: Getty Images
Drivers must stop at any intersection with a stop sign. Source: Getty Images

As part of the NSW Driver Knowledge test, learners are asked the following question accompanied by an image of a car at a crossroads next to a stop sign:

“You are driving the car in this diagram. You must stop.”

It then lists three answers to choose from which are:

A. Only if there is danger of a collision with another vehicle.

B. Only if there is a car on your right or left.

C. Even when there is no other traffic.

Question about a stop sign in the NSW Learner Driver test.
A question taken from a NSW Learner Driver test. Source: RMS

So, would you select the right answer?

Sticking to road rules

Some drivers may select option A or B and proceed if the coast is clear however, the correct answer is option C – to stop even when there is no other traffic.

This reflects the laws set out in the Australian Road Rules as Rule 67 clearly states that drivers must stop at any intersection where there is a stop sign placed regardless if there is any traffic passing or not.

It means they must stop before the designated stop line and check for oncoming traffic and give way to any vehicles that may be passing on either side of the intersection.

With anyone ignoring this rule at a junction could potentially cause a serious accident, this is a road rule that has been unanimously adopted into every local set of laws.

Police ready to drop big penalties

Drivers should think twice before trying to shoot across a junction with a stop sign as some big penalties are looming for anyone who breaks this road rule.

If police catch drivers ignoring a stop sign, they can dish out a combination of multiple demerit points and large fines in an instance. Some of these major penalties include:

NSW: Drivers in New South Wales could face a daunting combination of three demerit points and a $349 fine if NSW Police catch them not stopping at a junction where there is a stop sign in place.

VIC: Anyone in Victoria who ignores this important rule faces a massive $363 fine as well as getting three demerit points on their licence.

QLD: In Queensland, anyone found failing to stop at a stop sign could wind up getting hit with a fine of $413 and having three points added to their licence.

SA: South Australian drivers will instantly regret the moment they ignore stop signs as SA Police can give them a whopping $559 fine as well as three demerit points.

WA: Authorities in Western Australia will dish out three demerit points and a fine worth six penalty units ($300) for anyone who doesn’t follow this rule.

TAS: If drivers in Tasmania fail to stop at a junction with a stop sign, they could find themselves getting a $173 fine and three demerit points from Tasmania Police

Stop sign in dark. Source: Getty Images
Drivers face up to three demerit points from police if caught breaking these road rules. Source: Getty Images

ACT: Drivers across Canberra will face a daunting $491 fine as well as potentially three demerit points from ACT Police if they are caught not stopping at an intersection with a stop sign.

With such high fines and large amounts of demerit points looming for anyone caught ignoring stop signs, drivers ought to forget about hedging their bets if they see no traffic around as they approach a junction with a stop sign.

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