Ariana Grande's Fan Encounter Could've Taken a Dangerous Turn, and It's Making Fans Nervous

Ariana Grande was out in New York this past week when a fan ran up and appeared to try to grab her.

Closeup of Ariana Grande
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In a video circulating on social media, she's seen exiting a building to a crowd of excited fans. She goes over and begins signing autographs when the person runs up from behind.

Closeup of Ariana Grande
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They're seen reaching out for Ariana with a phone in hand as if trying to force a selfie with her before being grabbed and pushed away by her security.

Closeup of Ariana Grande
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Ariana turns around with a surprised look and begins to yell something back at the fan — then, she goes back and continues to sign autographs.

Closeup of Ariana Grande
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People found it so uncomfortable and worrying.

"THAT could’ve easily gone so bad wtf," one person wrote on Reddit.

"THAT could’ve easily gone so bad wtf"

"All those huge guys lumbering around and not a single person is watching her back. Great job guys, awesome teamwork," another said sarcastically.

"All those huge guys lumbering around and not a single person is watching her back."

"Ariana Grande was so kind to take pictures with every fan there, and then someone has the nerve to grab her like that is just so disrespectful, i mean don’t touch my girl like that…" another fan said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Someone else said: "[It's] worrying. and she’s so tiny too. I’m 5’0." Being surrounded AND having someone come at you is freaking [scary]. wtf was that person’s intention, even?"

"wtf was that person's intention, even?"

"I can't imagine having to put on a smile and sign autographs after some random dude comes up behind you and grabs you. Especially considering what she experienced in Manchester. What's wrong with people to think this is acceptable? Celebrities aren't zoo animals," a fifth stated.

"Celebrities aren't zoo animals."

I couldn't have said that one better myself. You can see the full video for yourself here.