'Could have been fatal': Mum's fury after son brutally bashed

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

A Brisbane mum is furious after her boy was left hospitalised following a brutal bashing by three teens.

Adam Jay, 13, from Mansfield southeast of the CBD, spent his Christmas in hospital, according to a GoFundMe page.

His mum Monique Jay told Yahoo News Australia on December 23 her boy was waiting for her to return home from work when three older boys from his high school allegedly attacked him.

“He went over to say hello to the boys and they began kicking him,” she said.

“It was quite unprovoked. They sliced his kidney open as they bashed him.”

Adam Jay is suffering from ongoing anxiety after he was allegedly beaten up by three boys from his school. Source: Supplied

Ms Jay said her boy, beaten and bloodied, walked home and waited for his mum.

When she came home he remained silent despite having serious injuries.

“I think he was worried about retribution and he has trouble speaking up for himself,” she said.

“He puked up blood. I asked him if he’d fallen and he wouldn’t say anything.”

Adam was taken for a CT scan. His mum said doctors told her the boy had suffered “very forceful” blunt trauma – similar to being in a car accident or a rugby tackle.

Monique Jay (right) says her quietly spoken son was worried about telling her what happened to him. Source: Supplied

The teen suffered internal bleeding with his kidney torn in half.

It wasn’t until a number of days later Ms Jay found out her quietly spoken boy had been attacked.

She’s reported it to the police but remains furious that those responsible haven’t been punished.

Queensland Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia it is investigating but charges are yet to be laid. 

The state’s education department said it’s unable to comment due to privacy concerns but said further enquiries should be forwarded to police.

“The boys are freely walking around at school and legally we can’t do anything,” Ms Jay said.

“I don’t think kids realise how much damage they can do. These boys are 15-16 years old and they’ve made a mistake but they need to know that.

“What they did could have been fatal.”

Adam's attack could have been fatal, his mums claims. Source: Supplied

Adam is suffering from what his mum is now calling “total separation anxiety” and has nightmares. The teen also doesn’t want to leave the house.

His mum has also had to take time off work as he recovers from his injuries.

“The first year of high school was already really hard for Adam,” Ms Jay said. “But this has just exacerbated things.”

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