Costco In Spain Is Absolutely Stacked In The Ham Department

Iberian Ham on Plate
Iberian Ham on Plate - Lecker Studio/Shutterstock

Internationally, not all Costcos are created equally. Like any global chain, Costco caters to local demographics. In Spain, the population has an overwhelming appetite for ham. That shouldn't come as a shock since Spain is known as the world's ham capital. The nation is particularly celebrated for jamón Iberico. So it makes all of the sense in the world that Costcos in Spain keep plenty of ham options in stock.

In a TikTok video, one Costco shopper shows off the prized jamon Iberico ham and states that they've seen them in "every single grocery store [they've] been to" in Spain. But that isn't where the ham inventory stops. They go on to show a display of pork products, saying, "Is it a Spanish grocery store if there isn't jamón and chorizo?" Another TikTok video showcases the hanging jamón Iberico hams, as well as a gift set that comes in a wooden box that could be the fanciest thing we've ever seen in a Costco. Spanish Costcos don't just keep the usual pork ribs and cold cuts that we are used to in the US.

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Bring On The Jamón

Thinly slicing jamon Iberico
Thinly slicing jamon Iberico - Mediterranean/Getty Images

Of course, it isn't impossible to get cured hams in U.S. Costcos, but it is far less common. You might spot whole cured hams at Costco once in a blue moon, but for the most part, these specialty pork products are available by special order only. And they don't offer the most prized variety from Iberico, just Serrano ham, which is the most common type of ham in Spain. To be sure, both of these varieties of ham are mouthwateringly delicious. However, Iberico is particularly beloved for its super fatty, juicy meat that comes exclusively from black Iberico pigs. It's no wonder TikTokers feel compelled to capture these products on camera.

At Costco locations in Spain, there is a treasure trove of pork delicacies, which we admit makes us more than a little bit jealous. Combine that with their food court croquetas and massive marinated anchovy selection, and Spanish Costcos begin to look like a food paradise.

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