Unbelievable scenes as hundreds of shoppers block road

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

As the supermarket chaos worsens in Australia, millions residing in Europe – now dubbed the new coronavirus epicentre – are also facing their own shopping battles as the virus continues to spread exponentially.

An alarming video shows how the supermarket pandemonium has escalated in the UK and highlights the panic of millions as the virus looks set to immobilise Britain in the same way it has mainland Europe.

In one video shared to social media, shoppers are seen queueing along a road for several hundred metres outside of a Costco in a bid to land coveted goods that have fallen victim to stockpilers.

One motorist in disbelief films the line of shoppers as dozens more race with trolleys to join the end. One of the road’s lanes is completely blocked off by the shoppers.

British PM Boris Johnson, who has appeared indecisive over the UK’s coronavirus gameplan, has failed to instil confidence in the public who are still largely reeling from the calamitous proceedings of Brexit, potentially fuelling the panic among shoppers.

On Monday (local time), Mr Johnson said anyone who has a temperature or a prolonged cough should stay at home for 14 days and those at risk could face up to three months isolation from society.

He warned cases could double in the UK every five to six days.

Hundreds of shoppers line up outside of Costco in the UK.

Anticipating long periods at home, shoppers, alike in Australia, have been snapping up essentials such as toilet roll and dried foods before more restrictive measures are implemented.

Video of shoppers fighting have been commonplace across Australian social media, and a handful of videos emerging from Britain shows tensions are flaring among some of its 66 million population.

Australia’s supermarkets respond to unprecedented surge

A surge in concerned buying has forced Coles and Woolworths into unprecedented moves in recent days.

Both supermarkets have now implemented a shopping hour between 7am and 8am that allows elderly and disabled shoppers to access products before other shoppers.

Both stores have restrictions on prized products while Woolworths has suspended its ‘click and collect’ service.

Coles has cancelled all deliveries except for “the vulnerable”.

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