Costco shopper refused entry while trying to shop with her child

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A Costco shopper has questioned the Covid safe policy of the store after she was refused entry while attempting to shop with her child.

Taking to social media, the shopper said she tried to shop at a New South Wales Costco store with her child but was told she couldn’t enter.

“I was just told I can’t take a child in the store with me is that true?” the shopper wrote.

Her question soon sparked a heated debate from fellow shoppers at the wholesale retailer who flooded her post with comments.

“Of course you can if it’s just you and your child. What are single mum’s supposed to do with their children?” one person said.

“Honestly, the world has gone mad. But you can go to the beach with hundreds of people on top of each other, but can't take a child with you ... wow over this world,” added another.

Costco Wholesale sign. Source: Getty Images
The shopper said she was denied entry when trying to shop with her child. Source: Getty Images

Others stopped at entry too

Some shoppers said they’d visited a Costco store where police were patrolling the entrance, while others said their teenage children had been asked to show identification before entering together.

“My daughter was asked for ID to prove she was under 18. She is 15. I needed her to push the trolley due to an injury and they questioned me a lot. They did let us in but they didn't want to at first,” one person shared.

Fellow shoppers said they had visited a Costco Wholesale store recently where whole families were shopping together, despite this currently not being allowed under New South Wales health guidelines.

Masked and unmasked shoppers leave Costco. Source: Getty Images
Current Covid-19 health guidelines in NSW state that one person per household is allowed to shop. Children under 18 are allowed to accompany them. Source: Getty Images

“My sister went on the weekend and it was packed with family's both parents and their kids, yet my sister had my mum who doesn't drive and they wouldn't let my sister in as they were on the same card so my sister had to get her own card to go in. It's a joke,” one person wrote.

“I feel sorry for the door staff noticed them trying to control this the other week - idiot families going into together - not bloody hard people - stay home. Completely different for single parents,” added another.

“Well, since the lockdown rules say one person per household, why is anyone taking teens shopping? Leave them at home (as long as safety isn’t an issue). Little ones are different,” commented a third.

The current NSW guidelines state that individuals in lockdown are allowed to shop for food or other essential goods and services.

However, only one person per household per day may leave home to shop.

The rules also state you may take a dependant, such as a child, with you if they can't be left home alone.

Costco clears up rules

A Costco Wholesale spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia said store staff members are asked to abide by the State Health Department Guidelines.

“We ask our members to work together with us by familiarising themselves and following current NSW Department of Health guidelines, particularly with regards to checking in with the QR code at the entrance, social distancing, wearing a face mask, sanitising hands and only visiting if you are within a 5km radius of the warehouse,” the spokesperson said.

“At present NSW guidelines dictate only one adult per household should be doing essential grocery shopping for their home.

“This rule does not apply to children. We are unfamiliar with this particular incident, and would encourage them to contact the warehouse directly so that we can investigate further."

Costco Wholesale warehouse in Rancho Cordova. Source: Getty Images
A Costco spokesperson said they take the health and safety of staff and shoppers seriously. Source: Getty Images

The spokesperson went on to say that each Costco store takes the safety and security of its members and employees seriously.

“We are very concerned about the well-being of our employees and members and we adhere to all State Health Department guidelines and directives,” the spokesperson said.

“We have continued to operate as an essential service in over 12 locations throughout the country for the last 18 months of the pandemic.

"During this time we have continued to work with the relevant authorities, as well as adhere to all developing Covid restrictions and directions as they are enacted.

“All Costco employees are given training to ensure they comply with the strict Covid Safe Plan and protocols we have put in place.”

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