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Costco Japan's Shrimp Katsu Burger Has Us Drooling

CostCo shrimp katsu burger closeup
CostCo shrimp katsu burger closeup - X, formerly known as Twitter

It's really no surprise that Costco's food courts offer different menu options in different countries. Similarly, it's not that surprising that there's sometimes a little jealousy over what might be available in one place but not another. After all, it is the same brand name on the building regardless of its geographical location. This fact has some U.S. shoppers drooling over Costco Japan's latest burger offering, perhaps wishing that they could take a quick trip to the land of the rising sun just to try it.

The shrimp katsu burger does look absolutely delectable — there's no doubt about that. Its crispy breaded patty, filled with juicy shrimp, is definitely envy-inducing. To go with the crunchy burger, it's complemented by crisp lettuce leaves and spicy coleslaw, and there's just something about its plump and fluffy golden bun that puts those regular burger rolls to shame. While there isn't a lot of information about Costco's katsu burger available in English just yet, that isn't stopping shoppers from wishing they could try it. The burger reportedly retails for ¥780, which works out at just over $5 U.S., fitting with the chain's dedication to super-affordable food court options.

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What Is A Katsu Burger Anyway?

Bowl of traditional Japanese katsu
Bowl of traditional Japanese katsu - Adilson Sochodolak/Shutterstock

If you've never heard of a katsu burger before, then all this talk about the latest menu item in Costco Japan's food courts probably has you pretty curious. To put it simply, katsu is a cutlet or patty that has been coated in panko (breadcrumbs) and fried until it is nice and crispy. It can be made from just about any kind of meat, but pork is the most popular in Japan, known as tonkatsu. While this preparation makes katsu perfect for sticking between a burger bun and slathering in condiments and toppings, it's more often sliced into strips and eaten in rice bowl dishes as katsu-don, or as part of a hearty Japanese curry.

Katsu got its start in Tokyo in 1899, where it was first sold by a restaurant that wanted to include a Westernized option on its menu. It has developed as something of a fusion food, demonstrated by its inclusion in both curries and burgers. Katsu burgers are a familiar sight in Japan, with fast food restaurants like Mos Burger already serving its own shrimp katsu burgers. In the U.S., there's also a chain of Japanese-themed restaurants in Washington State that proudly serves the Katsu Burger as its namesake.

Costco's International Food Courts

U.S. Costco food court menu
U.S. Costco food court menu - Smith Collection/gado/Getty Images

Just because U.S. Costcos don't currently offer katsu burgers that doesn't mean there is zero chance of it ever happening. The mango smoothie was actually first offered in the chain's Australian stores before making its way here, after all. So while it's probably not worth holding your breath for, the possibility is still there.

The list of enviable foods available in Costco's international food courts is apparently quite long — with bánh mì Vietnamese sandwiches and Canadian poutine being right at the top. Shoppers across social media have expressed disappointment over the superior options available abroad, with many claiming that U.S. stores have the worst menus available. Not only are they drooling over the shrimp katsu burger, but they're practically begging for more international options. And a large number of commenters are more than ready to trade in the roast beef sandwich for just about anything else. Unfortunately, Costco shoppers in the U.S. are going to have to contain their envy over the mouthwatering shrimp katsu burger that is, at least for now, only available in Japan.

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