Costco Fans Are Calling Its Brand-New Holiday Dessert 'Divine' and 'Wildly Good'

It's a fantastic alternative to gingerbread or peppermint desserts.



When it comes to dessert, we’re not picky as long as it's good. We can turn a store-bought angel food cake into unique creations. We also enjoy picking up a berry chantilly cake from the Whole Foods bakery. Costco’s bakery is famous for its delectable desserts, and now it has a brand-new offering: a remake of a classic that we and many others can’t wait to get our hands on.

Costco’s New Black Forest Bar Cake

A Black Forest cake typically consists of German chocolate cake with cherry filling and whipped cream frosting. Costco has a slightly different take on the dessert: the brand-new Black Forest bar cake.

Instead of being made as a large round cake, Costco’s version comes in a rectangular bar weighing about 2 pounds. It still has the same main ingredients—chocolate cake, cherry filling, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and maraschino cherries on top.

What Shoppers Think of Costco's Black Forest Bar Cake

Shoppers who have spotted the cake are showing their excitement about this find. On a recent Instagram post by costcobuys, commenters were ecstatic, saying, "I need this,” and, “This looks delish.” Those who have already tried it were thrilled with the results. One fan said, “Bought it the instant we saw it. Sooooooo good.” Another said it was the “best cake we've had from Costco.”

Not everyone is convinced. On the same Instagram post, one commenter seemed more skeptical about the dessert, saying, “If it doesn’t have cherry liquor in it, it’s not a Black Forest cake.”

We couldn’t find any information on whether or not cherry liqueur is in this version, with Costco’s description being relatively vague about its “cherry filling.” However, we still think it looks and sounds delish, and would make a fantastic holiday dessert to enjoy when entertaining.

Laura Lamb of the popular account costcohotfinds also posted about this dessert, saying, “The cake itself is so moist and the layers of cherry and whipped cream add the perfect sweet, smooth tartness!!” We must admit, after seeing the video of Laura cutting into a slice of this cake, it looks pretty darn moist if we do say so ourselves.

This cake currently retails for $17.99, but you might not want to wait—we have a feeling this new treat won’t last long.

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